Meet Ann Patterson

IACS new Executive Director

After four decades of steadfast service to IACS, former executive director Nancy Roncketti embarked on a much-deserved retirement. On May 1, 2022, she handed over the reins to our new executive director, Ann Patterson. Ann was selected by the IACS board of directors after an in-depth search and selection process, bringing a new perspective and expertise to the table.

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Ann comes to us with 30+ years of leadership experience, including 19 years in nonprofit management. She is well-practiced in small staff environments and adept at fulfilling the variety of roles often needed in nonprofits. She skillfully manages the big picture, but is also willing to go deep into the weeds when needed.


“I manage from a philosophy that to be successful, a team works together,” says Ann. “That means everyone, including upper management, pitches in where necessary to get the job done.”


Ann began her career as a visual information specialist for the federal government, but soon broadened her skillset to include all aspects of marketing and communications. She worked as a marketing specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, then as an alliance marketing and business development manager at Ernst & Young Technologies.

In 2002, Ann joined BITS/Financial Services Roundtable, further expanding her expertise to include managing operations, member recruitment and retention, communications, media relations, events and critical liaisons with C-suite executives at some of the largest U.S. financial institutions. As vice president, Ann played an integral role in safeguarding banking protections for consumers.


“Working for a small nonprofit means wearing multiple hats. This gave me a tremendous opportunity to learn and manage every aspect of the organization,” Ann explains, adding, “I also found the work to be very rewarding.”


Inspired to stay in the nonprofit arena, Ann took an executive director position with Medical Identity Fraud Alliance, where she oversaw all facets of the organization, including short- and long-term strategic visioning and execution. In her most recent position as food program director for ALIVE! Inc., she successfully dealt with the unique challenge of the pandemic’s impact on their food assistance program for low-income and unhoused communities. She expertly pivoted to “crisis mode,” expanding staff, volunteers and programming, meeting the significantly increased demand.

With her diverse management expertise, effective relationship skills, strategic visioning and innovative leadership success, we are confident Ann will be an outstanding asset to IACS. And she is eager to move IACS forward.


“I’m excited to play a role in the IACS legacy of leadership in student mental health care. Working with centers that provide this life-changing support to students is especially meaningful to me as a parent who has seen first-hand the benefit and positive impact. I look forward to strengthening relationships with accredited centers and expanding outreach to higher academic institutions in the U.S. and around the world.”


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