Accreditation Renewal

Accreditation status is ongoing assuming the annual report is submitted and standards continue to be met. (The Chair of the Board of Accreditation may change the center’s status if standards are not met.) Every eight years, each center must go through the re-evaluation process again, including completing the application and a site visit.

Re-Evaluation Process

On the 8th year after the last full evaluation or re-evaluation, each center will complete re-accreditation paperwork, undergo a mandatory field visit, pay a Re-Evaluation Fee, which they will submit with their application materials, and pay the Site Visit Fee once the center is approved for the onsite visit.

Centers are placed into the re-accreditation process based on the month of the last Accreditation Approval letter they received from the Chair of the IACS Board of Accreditation. For example, if the date of the last Approval letter was April 20, then April 1 is their anniversary date. The center will receive re-evaluation materials to complete one month before the anniversary date, which would be on March 1.

All centers undergoing re-evaluation are given four months to submit the completed application materials. So in this scenario, the re-evaluation materials must be submitted no later than July 1. Once approved for a visit, it could take up to 6-months before a site visit team is assigned to visit a center.