IACS Names New President

October 25, 2023, William “Bill” Burns, Ph.D., took over as President of the IACS Board of Directors. Dr. Burns is the Director of the Counseling Center at North Dakota State University. He assumed leadership from Immediate-Past President Paul Galvinhill, Ph.D., of College of the Holy Cross.

“It is with great confidence and respect that I hand off IACS leadership to Bill Burns,” said Paul Galvinhill. “Bill’s competence, integrity, and professionalism mean that IACS is in good hands.”

Both Dr. Galvinhill and Dr. Burns extended their terms in 2022 as President and Vice President of the Board, respectively, to provide continuity as IACS went through organizational changes with the first new executive director in 39 years.

“We are extremely grateful for Paul’s strong leadership during a time of significant transition for us,” said Annie Patterson, IACS executive director. “His graciousness to extend his term was instrumental in implementing our new protocols, modernizing the organization, and shepherding IACS into a new era so that we are better able to support college and university counseling centers.”

This is Dr. Burns’ second time as IACS President. He previously served on the IACS Board beginning in 2007, eventually becoming President in 2012. He then rejoined the board in 2021 as Vice President. Dr. Mark Perez-Lopez, UNC Wilmington, has been named the new Vice President of IACS.

“Bill brings great insight to IACS. His guidance as Vice President this past year has been invaluable to me as the new executive director. His historical knowledge has already informed how we can improve our operations and will continue to do so,” said IACS’ Patterson.