All fees are non-refundable and subject to change. IACS does not accept credit card payments. Only checks or money orders drawn on U.S. Banks will be accepted. For ACH Payments (Electronic Funds Transfers) or Overseas Wire Transfers, please contact the IACS Office at: for assistance.

Group TherapyNew Applicant Counseling Services

Initial Application Fee $750
Field Visit Fee*  $750

Counseling services pay the Annual Accreditation Fee upon final board approval as either a fully or provisionally accredit service.

IACS Accredited Counseling Services

Annual Accreditation Fee $1,600
Re-evaluation Fee $150
Field Visit Fee* $1,500

*Counseling services not located within the continental United States will also be charged a per diem fee of $250 per visitor. Additional charges may also apply. Non-English speaking centers must provide interpreters.

Updated 03.09.2018